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Please follow our guide on internet troubleshooting HERE.

Our website is still currently under construction and soon you will have the convenience of doing this online. Until then to manage or set up your direct debit please give us a call on 1300 301 337.

To test your internet speed, please visit, HERE.

If your internet is connected and your email is currently not working, please call us on 1300 301 337 so we can troubleshoot the issue for you.

Our website is currently under construction, in future you will be able to manage your plan & account settings online. Until then please call us on 1300 301 337 to change your plan.

More Common Questions

Questions in relation to an amount on your bill or general question can be resolved by calling Interphone on 1300 301 337. Alternatively you can email us at

As part of your application for Interphone services you will have provided as part of the application a direct debit authority. This occurs usually between the 17th and 20th day of each month (14 days from the invoice issue date).

As part of the agreement with these services all payment methods must be made via direct debit only. If you wish to change the direct debit details for an account or update a credit card please call us on 1300 301 337. Please do not email account numbers or credit card details to us.

If your bill is not correct or you disagree with the charges on the invoice please call on 1300 301 337 or email us at immediately. We will immediately lodge a dispute on the invoice to address customer concerns over amounts or charges that you have concerns about. Invoices that have an unresolved dispute against them cannot be direct debited by our automated process. Once the dispute is resolved to the your satisfaction the dispute will be lifted and the owing balance amended or otherwise be direct debited.

If you are not happy with the dispute resolution provided by our staff you are entitled to escalate your issue to the next level of dispute resolution. If this is the case you should contact an executive staff member of Interphone in writing.

Should your phone become faulty we ask that you contact us on 1300 301 337 by phone (Using your mobile or neighbour’s service). We may ask you to perform a simple dial tone test with a spare handset if you have one. For issues that are not immediately solvable we may bring in a support provider to provide you with onsite assistance or to rectify a physical fault with customer or network equipment. This is done by appointment with the contractor liaising directly with you the customer on our behalf. Most issues that require onsite attendance are usually resolved by next business day depending on the severity of the fault.

Interphone has a publically available fair use policy on our website available here: Normal telephone and internet usage should never breach our Fair Use Policy even on unrestricted voice and data plans. These services are intended as strictly residential services and as such should not be used to support the running of a business or be used to carry out illegal or fraudulent activities. The service may not be used in a manner that is detrimental to the collective use of these services by the retirement village as a whole.

Your usage and call data is all centrally managed by our proprietary billing platform to which you will in due course receive a username and password to log into. Once in the portal you will be able to view your call usage and data usage as it accrues throughout the month. Please note that there is a delay in call and usage data reaching the customer portal of several hours.

Please note that international call rates are subject to occasional change. For up to date call rates please call us on 1300 301 337 or email us on

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