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Make a smarter choice. Make Interphone your NBN provider.

Why, you ask? Well, let us explain! Interphone is becoming the number one choice of people every day as we provide internet and voice services that everyone from home users to high-level corporate businesses love. Our secret of success lies in overcoming the drawbacks of many other ISP’s in Australia.

Being Australia owned and operated, Interphone prides ourselves on our top-quality service and support, high speed internet plans & robust voice services.

Today, there are many internet service providers who claim be the best NBN provider in Australia, however, as a conscious customer it is important that you make an informed decision based on the features included in these internet services. If an NBN plan isn’t what you’re looking for we also offer a vast selection of other services for business including Fibre Optics, Fixed Wireless, Midband Ethernet, PSTN & ISDN.

Fast internet matters – Contention ratios and how they affect you

The contention ratio of a particular internet connection is the maximum demand versus the actual bandwidth. A higher ratio means that a higher number of users are trying to use the maximum possible bandwidth at any one time. This is why you may have noticed with your previous internet plan that during peak times your speed is significantly reduced.

This is why we are the best NBN & internet provider in Australia offering premium services with low contention levels for our customers providing low cost, high-quality data and voice suitable for domestic as well as corporate purposes. The download speeds you will enjoy through Interphone is several times greater than the average speed of other ISPs and is the best choice anyone can make if they want to maximise the use of technology for the ultimate online experience.

Personal or Business – We have a service & plan for you!

Our internet and voice plans come in a variety of capacities which vary according to the scale of your needs. For home users, our NBN plans are perfect to empower the ability to stream the latest Hollywood blockbuster, listen to your favourite music or download the most sought-after videogame. With an Interphone NBN plan, this can be achieved in seconds!

Our Fibre optic connections for business offer uninterrupted service for video conferencing to hold crucial business meetings online and seamlessly connect your entire organisation to ensure optimum efficiency.

If you need an Internet Service provider that is Australia’s best at understanding every customer’s needs and provides the finest service, choose Interphone. You will find no other match for the amazing features provided by the best NBN provider.

Your journey into selecting the ideal internet plan for your needs with top-quality service & support begins right here!

Reliable, cost effective & faster speeds for your business.



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